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BAM pâtisserie academy is intended for those of you who see your kitchen as your happy place and want to add new chapters to your encyclopedia of pâtisserie knowledge. Top pâtissiers will guide you through various dessert preparation techniques, using practical examples to encourage you to bring your pâtisserie knowledge to the next level.

Online pâtisserie education

What is BAM Pâtisserie Academy?

The familiar BAM products for baking will take you on a journey of the most chocolatey of flavors in the skillful hands of pâtissiers. In the online academy, you will get to know different dessert preparation techniques used by carefully selected pâtissiers. By placing an emphasis on practical examples, BAM Pâtisserie Academy makes sure that your existing knowledge is expanded and that preparation of desserts is made simple by using the most practical of the examples shared with you. You can then share your experience in the "Pâtisserie Academy" Facebook group, where lots of opinions, tips, recipes and amazing photos of the final desserts are exchanged on a daily basis.

The biggest advantage of the BAM Pâtisserie Academy: the online materials will be yours to keep and access on all devices, which means you can rewatch them as many times as you’d like. Remember, practice makes perfect!


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Why BAM Pâtisserie Academy?

BAM Pâtisserie Academy will guide you through a chocolate world of modern dessert preparation techniques and help you consolidate the newly acquired knowledge with practical examples as well as challenges. Modern baking techniques are made available at any time, accessible regardless of what time it is and where you are.

  • New dessert preparation techniques
  • Available on all devices
  • For home chefs and experts
  • Experts at your home
  • Innovative recipes
  • Available 24 hours a day

Our satisfied users

BAM Pâtisserie Academy has already gotten some rave reviews by aspiring pâtissiers. Read user reviews and don’t forget to share yours!

This is terrific, I can access the lessons on any device. Best of all, the lessons are prepared in such a way that I feel like the master pâtissiers are really with me in my house.

Bill K.

Thanks to Kimi Zupančič and her stunning flavor combinations, the magic chocolate ball is one of the most popular desserts in our home. My family is always eager to see what tasty dessert I am making this time.

Susan C.

The talented pâtissier Sandi Planinšek is a real artist. His fruit-shaped desserts are exceptional, and I am glad he put together a course on the basics of pâtisserie.

Karen N.

The teachers

The BAM Pâtisserie Academy is run by carefully selected experts in modern techniques, decoration and other pâtisserie topics. Choose your course and begin your journey with a pâtissier who will help you explore the most hidden depths of your creative talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term of education is not specified. Leased online education can be viewed in the user profile when you want and how many times you want.

You can find the "Earn 5 EUR" tab in your user profile. All you have to do is share your great user experience with your friends. When your friends register with your activation code, they receive a 5 EUR credit, while you warn 5 EUR for each purchase they make. You can track your credit value in your BAM wallet and use it to purchase your next online education.

You will receive a link and instructions for activating your user account by mail. You can access the selected web content by correctly entering the email and password that you used for the purchase, and by correctly entering the activation code. The content is located in your profile, under the section "My online courses".  
Yes, after completing all the challenges, you will receive a certificate or a diploma. You will receive a pâtissier’s certificate once all the challenges are marked as completed. The certificate marks the completion of the purchased online content.
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