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About us

About us

Beginnings of the BAM Pâtisserie Academy

BAM Pâtisserie Academy was established in cooperation with the BAM chocolate online store (Mojač The first click in the online store was made in 2013, when our primary activity was selling chocolate and chocolate products. In addition to the chocolate products from well-known brands that were offered at the time, the products from our own brand slowly started to make their way into the online store as well. BAM baking products were created with the goal of making premium chocolate and other baking products more accessible to home bakers. Due to the growing demand for baking products, the BAM brandtook the lead and became the leading brand in the online store.

Who are we?

We could say we are a small, young, optimistic and easy-going team. We are, but not really. Every year we grow as a company, as an online store, as a team, as a family. A team of ten chocoholics is making sure that the online store is always full of new and well-loved products. We are doing our best to keep you up-to-date on the news and trends in the world of chocolate with the help of our website and social media. We make sure that your last-minute orders are delivered on time. But since we don’t want to become complacent, our chocolate team-building activities tend to turn into long conversations about the things that we will offer to our clients next. One of the ideas was the idea for online courses on modern dessert preparation techniques. And as a result, you now have access to several courses on several topics, where different pâtissiers want to share as much of their knowledge with you as possible.

Who are the pâtissiers?

The online BAM Pâtisserie Academy is run by carefully chosen, top-notch experts in various pâtisserie techniques. Since pâtisserie is a very broad topic, we have invited a variety of pâtissiers to take part and guide you through various dessert preparation techniques, cake glazing and icing, as well as at the basics of pâtisserie. Sandi Planinšek is a promising young pastry chef who will guide you through the basics of pâtisserie, Eva Klinc will show you examples of cake decorating and frosting, and together with Kimi Zupančič you will prepare the most beautiful and slightly different cakepops & popsicles. However, since there is no such thing as too much newly acquired knowledge, your work simply cannot end at just one topic. Here, you can stay up to date with all the news and upcoming e-content and be the first to receive all the sweet news.