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Urška Jerman

E-books: Cakes

The e-book contains 50 different cake recipes. Fruit lovers will be thrilled by the fruit cake recipes, while chocoholics can indulge in intense chocolate recipes for cakes like the Sacher Cake. Say goodbye to stressful preparation for celebrations. Let the fun begin.

  • Chocolate decoration
  • Basics of cream and fruit inserts
  • Various flavor and texture combinations
  • Correct sponge cake preparation
  • Whipping cream for fillings

Do you ever get tasked with making the main dessert for a celebration and you don’t even know where to start? How to choose a cake flavor that will please everybody? How to decorate it? Together with Urška Jerman, the face behind the Cake O'Clock brand, we have prepared a digital recipe book with 50 cake recipes. The book was created with the desire to show that there is still some room for new flavors and recipes in pâtisserie. And that making cakes can be a guaranteed success, no guesswork necessary.

The e-book is only available in digital form at BAM Confectionery Academy. After purchasing and receiving payment, you can find it in .pdf format in the "User Profile" under the E-book tab.

The recipes in the “Cakes” e-book are easy to follow, with ingredients that are accessible to everyone. They are written in a way that makes them suitable and useful to home patisserie enthusiasts and will inspire new creations. The e-book contains recipes for different types of cakes. Featured are classic flavors such as the most chocolatey chocolate Sacher cake and the Black Forest Cake, as well as a simple chocolate cake. Fruit lovers will be thrilled by the Mango Cake with Raspberries, the Planica Cake or the Lemon Cake, while the Gin Tonic Cake will take the crown at any summer party with its color combination and refreshing flavor. The flavors range thus from classic intensely chocolate cakes to fresh fruit cakes and more modern versions.

Your questions about whether the size of the eggs is really important, how to prepare the sponge cake batter, how to melt chocolate and gelatin, how to prepare whipping cream for fillings, etc., will no longer stay unanswered. The author makes sure to include advice about assembling cakes and other tips and tricks she finds are important when baking. In addition to the pictures of all the desserts, the book contains clear step-by-step instructions, as well as information about preparation time, difficulty and number of servings.

The e-book is only available in digital form at BAM Confectionery Academy. After purchasing and receiving payment, you can find it in .pdf format in the "User Profile" under the E-book tab.

Our satisfied users

BAM Pâtisserie Academy has already gotten some rave reviews by aspiring pâtissiers. Read user reviews and don’t forget to share yours!

Eva Klinc definitely deserves the prestigious award she received for cake decorating. The contents of the Cake Decorating course are explained really well. It's a good thing I can download the lessons several times, because one download would definitely not be enough!

Mary W.

Such fantastic books! These are definitely not ordinary cookbooks. Both Sweet Bites and Cakes are pâtisserie masterpieces. Apart from the exceptional recipes, what I like the most are the baking tips and tricks, because they answer every question you might have, and you don’t have to search the internet for it or reinvent the wheel.

David J.

Our family loves cake pops and popsicles. I am really glad that Kimi Zupančič shared her experience with me and showed me practical examples. The end results are so delicious that our neighbors come to visit more often.

Nancy M.

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