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Sandi Planinšek

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  • Modern techniques in making desserts
  • Properties of basic baking ingredients
  • Basic ingredients – flavor combinations
  • Properties of sugar and correct dosing
  • Basics of cream and fruit inserts
  • Various methods for making sponge cakes
  • Basics for making various fillings
  • Cookies and basic techniques of working with chocolate
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Who is Sandi Planinšek?

It is not said in vain that pâtisserie is an art. Sandi Planinšek is a chef by education and a passionate pastry chef by heart. Favorite desserts of this young and aspiring pastry chef are those in the shape of fruit, and he is currently creating his own style of desserts at a renowned restaurant. His dessert display case is reminiscent of a freshly picked autumn crop ranging from ripe pears to shiny hazelnuts. He is most proud of the hazelnut-shaped dessert, as he says it is technically the most demanding.

Why take the basics of pâtisserie course?

Any pâtissier needs to be well-versed in the basics, regardless of whether you are creating desserts only at home and for your loved ones, or you have already taken your home creations one step further. By sharing the basics of pâtisserie, Sandi will walk you through the online course ranging from the properties of the basic ingredients to the recipe for a delicious chocolate cake.

"The emphasis will be mainly on the practical part of obtaining skills, and after each part, I will challenge you to the BAM pâtisserie challenge."

Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

Basics of pâtisserie

  • Presentation video
  • 20.31 min

    “Let’s get to work and see the most important aspect in preparing to bake. In short: preparing your "mise en place". That means preparing everything, from your ingredients to baking utensils."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 5.05 min

    “In this video, we will master the properties of the ingredients that make the desserts light and airy, flavorful and provide binding. As veganism is on the rise and our Pâtisserie Academy follows the modern trends, we will also touch on substitutes that are not of animal origin."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 6.35 min

    “This time we will learn what ingredients serve as binding agents in desserts and what we need to look out for when preparing them. We'll start with flour, the most commonly used ingredient, continue with starch and conclude with a variety of gelling agents."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 22.19 min

    “We are now embarking on a journey into the world of flavors and aromas. We know that each ingredient adds its flavor to the dessert. Did you know that more aromatic ingredients with a higher fat content add an even stronger flavor? We will have to be very careful when measuring out these ingredients."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 21.56 min

    "What awaits us is the sweetest, but at the same time the most dangerous ingredient – sugar. We know several different types of sugar, together we will get to know the sugars that are most often used in pâtisserie. In this course, I will show you two different methods of preparing caramel, the dry and wet method."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 8.06 min

    “What exactly is a cream insert? A cream insert is a cream-based addition that enhances the dessert and complements its taste."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 11.41 min

    "Sponges can be made in several different ways. I will show you the types of sponge that exists, what they are suitable for and how to make sure that your sponge turns out as light and fluffy as possible."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 7.44 min

    "I treat fillings with utmost respect. They can be very easy or very difficult to make, so we must first learn the basics of making fillings."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 9.01 min

    “By definition, a mousse is a light creamy dessert made utilizing three different pâtisserie techniques: emulsion, aeration and gelification. Let's find out what that means."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 13.41 min

    “This time we will get to know the fillings that form the foundation of traditional pâtisserie and are still used today. The first filling we will get to know is crème pâtissière. We will also learn more about its many uses."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 8.15 min

    "We know several different types of cookies. We'll divide them into rough groups, and I'll tell you what to look out for when making and baking them. That way, your cookies will truly be the best. "

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 26.26 min

    “Now we’ve reached the video with the highest chocolate content - the basics of chocolate and chocolate work. I will reveal all the secrets and tricks to make you sure you master working with chocolate and not the other way around.

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 5.08 min

    "We will learn two techniques for making ganache. Cold and warm. What does that mean? One step at a time, I'll reveal everything in the video course."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 3.37 min

    “You are now before the most demanding task of this academy – a type of a final exam and the awarding of diplomas. I say this jokingly, but there is some truth to it.”

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 3.25 min

    "What is HACCP? Why is it even required? What is the purpose of HACCP? Do we have to take it into account? Don't worry, I'll explain everything."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

About the author

Sandi Planinšek

Sandi Planinšek is a chef by education and a passionate pastry chef by heart.  His creation is intertwined with the profession of a chef, as he knows the properties of all ingredients, their advantages and disadvantages, so he knows exactly when, how and in what proportion to use the basic ingredients to make your desserts even better. The young and aspiring pâtissier is full of tricks, secrets and practical examples of modern dessert preparation.

"I like to make desserts in the shape of fruit. Of all the desserts I’ve created or tried so far, I like the hazelnut the most. Technically the most demanding, but the visual image differs from the others."

User reviews

4.77 out of 5 stars (14 Ratings)
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Rating was given by , 09.09.2021

Online education recommended to friends..

“You are awesome!”

Rating was given by Sally M., 15.04.2021

I hope to become at least somewhat of a patisserie master myself.

Online education recommended to friends..

“Very instructive.”

Rating was given by Olivia K., 14.04.2021

It's interesting, lots to learn about ingredients and utensils, and the history and origin are also crucial ...

Online education recommended to friends..

“Excellent course!”

Rating was given by Kathryn K., 08.04.2021

Excellent course!

Online education recommended to friends..

“Loved it!”

Rating was given by Nancy H., 23.03.2021

Hats off to the master pâtissiers because they need a lot of prior knowledge in the basics of pâtisserie.

Online education recommended to friends..

“Real fun!”

Rating was given by Megan T., 17.03.2021

I miss the demonstration of how to assemble the cake layer by layer. Otherwise, it’s a lot of fun, but stressful at the same time. Ideal for Corona times when we are all at home ...

Online education recommended to friends..

“Great topics!”

Rating was given by Kelly P., 16.03.2021

The online courses are really great and I can’t wait for the next ones.

Online education recommended to friends..

“You get all the useful information in one place”

Rating was given by Sophia B., 15.03.2021

Just the right contents for us amateurs. Lots of useful information in one place, no need to surf the internet for hours on end. I recommend Sandi's course on the basics of patisserie to all amateur bakers, and even to those who are more experienced in baking.

Online education recommended to friends..

“Lots of useful information!”

Rating was given by Margaret S., 14.03.2021

I gained a lot of useful information. It might be a good idea to also show how to assemble the cake, for true beginners. Otherwise, very happy with the purchased contents.

“True master pâtissiers :)”

Rating was given by Cheryl L., 11.03.2021

All compliments to Sandi, but as a beginner, I’d have liked some more information on preparation ... The recipes could feature the method in more detail.

“You gain lots of new skills and knowledge!”

Rating was given by Claire D., 08.03.2021

I gained a lot of new theoretical knowledge and learned a lot of secrets that help make the dessert tastier. The explanation was occasionally a bit vague, but that doesn’t affect the end result and you still obtain a lot of quality knowledge.

“The BAM patisserie challenges are great!”

Rating was given by Sebastian O., 05.03.2021

I really like the BAM patisserie challenges at the end of each chapter. They allow me to test what I have learned and they stimulate my creativity. It’s excellent, I recommend it!

Online education recommended to friends..

“Terrific online education!”

Rating was given by Susan C., 25.02.2021

I think that everyone who loves baking home desserts should download the contents and start with the online courses on basic pastry making techniques. I have to admit that up until now I didn't know you need to add some fat (almond flour, etc.) to the sponge batter to give it a better texture. I recommend it to everyone!

Online education recommended to friends..


Rating was given by Matthew B., 23.02.2021

Impressed with the courses. I am already looking forward to new topics.

Online education recommended to friends..

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