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Eva Klinc

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  • Frosting and glazing cakes
  • Dessert decoration tips and tricks
  • Preparing fast-drying sugar paste
  • Making 3D cakes
  • Making a 3-tier wedding cake
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Correct chocolate tempering
  • Making a decorative figurine – Elsa (Frozen)

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58,90 USD

Who is Eva Klinc?

Eva Klinc is a cake decorator. Her specialty are bust cakes in human form. The course is led by a purely creative person who likes to experiment and learn something new. Eva says that baking desserts is part of her DNA, as her mother is an avid baker and all of Eva's sisters followed her carefully. When embarking on her career as a pastry chef, she also received immense support from her father, who continuously encouraged her and let her know unconditionally that she could dream. By applying to a competition organized by the British Cake Masters Magazine, which she then won, she proved with her creation - blue Neytiri, a character from the movie Avatar, that anything is possible.

Why take the cake decorating course?

She learned about decorating cakes from all possible sources. Through online courses, literature that was available on the Internet, online schools, etc. She fell in love with learning, with the purpose of imparting knowledge, her greatest mission has become imparting knowledge to all eager to learn. In this online course, she will share with you all the acquired knowledge, the most hidden tricks and tips that will simplify your dessert preparation and then stay in your digital drawer for you to use at any time. Check out the online course content Eva has prepared for you.

“I firmly believe that anything is possible and every journey starts at the beginning, let’s walk the path together. See you on the other side."

Eva Klinc, cake decorator

Cake decorating

  • Presentation video
  • 26.39 min

    "Let's start at the beginning. Once you’ve chosen your cake recipe and filled the cake with your favorite flavors, we need to protect it from drying out and at the same time make it look appealing. To be honest, this is the moment when I start to enjoy immensely."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 90.2 min

    “When you take the sugar paste out of the packaging, it’s usually pretty solid and difficult to work with. You have two options here: you can cut it into smaller pieces and knead each piece separately, or you can cut off a larger piece and very briefly put it in the microwave."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 34.24 min

    "Now that we’ve gotten to know all these types of sugar paste, allow me to introduce some color. Life without colors would be pretty dull, am I right?"

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 16.23 min

    “This video is all about a special sugar paste that served as my gateway to the interesting world of 3D cakes. It’s called pastillage and is very similar to other types of sugar paste at first glance, but has one big advantage. It dries very quickly.”

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 43 min

    “Correctly tempered chocolate has a nice shine, especially if chilled on a smooth surface. It melts at the right temperature. By the way, there is a joke that may have a bit of truth to it ... Chocolate is supposed to be God’s gift to man, as it melts precisely at our mouth temperature."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 13.27 min

    "Practice makes perfect, the more cakes you glaze, the better you’ll be at it... If I had to choose, I’d say the most important element in glazing cakes is a smooth and level cake surface."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 28.02 min

    “Edible paper is very sensitive to moisture. If you place the flowers in the refrigerator or on a cake with a glaze that hasn’t completely set yet or if the room you’re working in is fairly damp, the flowers will melt. But there is a way to protect them from moisture."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 24.36 min

    "We're still working on flowers ... and today I'm showing you how to make them from sugar paste - gum paste."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 20.15 min

    “Today I’ll show you how to make a 2-tier cake with a chocolate drip, painted with gold paint and featuring a buttercream that looks like concrete. We’ll also apply your new skills in making flowers on a twig made of edible paper."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 36.04 min

    “One of the increasingly popular 3D cartoon character figurines, Elsa, can also be created in your own kitchen. In this course, I’ll show you the techniques and tricks. Tip: In addition to other utensils, you will also need a piece of styrofoam. "

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 21.45 min

    “As you already know, 3D cakes are my passion and I can’t wait to introduce you to this world as well. We will start with something simple that does not require extreme precision and allows you to let your imagination run wild."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

  • 37.03 min

    "The wedding cake is a reflection of the wedding itself. In addition to being delicious, it must also look great. In this course, I will tell you how to tackle the construction of a 3-tier wedding cake and how to decorate it."

    Eva Klinc, cake decorator

About the author

Eva Klinc

Eva Klinc, who creates under the name “Sugar Queen”, is a cake decorator. Her ardent desire is to share her pâtisserie experience with anyone who wants it. She is currently lecturing as a pâtisserie practice teacher, where she fell in love with the meaning of passing on knowledge. After returning from Australia, where a place for new dreams was born, she added a new chapter to her vision: to step away from the frames and show a new profession that does not yet exist in Slovenia; cake decorator.

“I am convinced that everyone can create their own sweet masterpiece and thus raise the level of pâtisserie to an even higher level. My mission is to prove it. "

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Rating was given by , 01.09.2021

Online education recommended to friends..

“great course”

Rating was given by Sally S., 09.04.2021

Great course, I learned a lot. All compliments to Eva.

Online education recommended to friends..

Rating was given by , 31.03.2021

Online education recommended to friends..

Rating was given by , 29.03.2021

Online education recommended to friends..

“I want more ;)”

Rating was given by Jenny B., 29.03.2021

Eva is great! She’s so nice to listen to. Teaching is right up her street, so I am very happy that I chose this course and I can't wait for the next one! You have to do another course with her! :)

Online education recommended to friends..

“Loved it! :)”

Rating was given by Kate Z., 23.03.2021

I would just like to say thanks for all the advice. Many things are much clearer now. Thank you!

Online education recommended to friends..

“Well done!”

Rating was given by Melanie K., 22.03.2021

Well done, just keep it up!

Online education recommended to friends..

“A real master!”

Rating was given by Sandra C., 18.03.2021

Very nice explanation, I like the added recipes. Thanks for the wonderful online courses. I hope there are more to come.

Online education recommended to friends..

“Top notch!”

Rating was given by Sophia B., 15.03.2021

Eva is a tremendous teacher, her explanations are simple, and she is calm and precise.

Online education recommended to friends..

“Awesome :)”

Rating was given by Jane B., 14.03.2021

Everything was great!

Online education recommended to friends..

“Very instructive!”

Rating was given by Nancy A., 13.03.2021

Very instructive, it will help me very much in elevating my cake decorating skills.

Online education recommended to friends..

Rating was given by , 12.03.2021

Online education recommended to friends..


Rating was given by Karen A., 11.03.2021

Excellent, keep it up.

Online education recommended to friends..


Rating was given by Kate R., 08.03.2021

Very good online courses, I will sign up again.

Online education recommended to friends..

Rating was given by , 05.03.2021

Online education recommended to friends..

Rating was given by , 28.02.2021

Online education recommended to friends..

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