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Sandi Planinšek

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  • Various flavor and texture combinations
  • Making the mono-portion cake – tips and tricks
  • Making fruit-shaped mono-portion cakes
  • Decorating mono-portion cakes
  • Preparing mono-portion desserts
  • Preparing various glazes

34,90 USD

28,90 USD

Who is Sandi Planinšek?

It is not said in vain that pâtisserie is an art. Sandi Planinšek is a chef by education and a passionate pastry chef by heart. Favorite desserts of this young and aspiring pastry chef are those in the shape of fruit, and he is currently creating his own style of desserts at a renowned restaurant. His dessert display case is reminiscent of a freshly picked autumn crop ranging from ripe pears to shiny hazelnuts. He is most proud of the hazelnut-shaped dessert, as he says it is technically the most demanding.

Why a mono-portion cake course?

Mono-portion cakes are sweets where creativity and imagination know no bounds. Limitless play with shapes, flavors and, last but not least, preparation techniques can conjure up a basket full of pears that are sure to leave your friends spellbound. Who says a cake should just be round? Sandi will take you through the preparation of mono-portion cakes in the shape of fruit and mono-portion desserts such as Raffaello and Ferrero Rocher. He will share the secrets of making smooth fillings, juicy purees and shiny glazes. He will also reveal some tricks to help you prepare mono-portion cakes without the need for a large number of different utensils. The end result, however, will nevertheless be stunning. 

"I'll share my the secrets of how to make stunning mono-portion desserts right in your home kitchen, without prohibitively expensive utensils."

Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

Mono-portion cakes

  • Presentation video
  • 24.37 min

    ''Strawberry, coated with a nappage glaze, has a very special shine to it. Served on chocolate soil, it can be easily mistaken for a real one.”

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 25.13 min

    "We will cook the pear peels and cores with some of the flesh, thus emphasizing the taste of pear flavor that we are after in this monoportion cake."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 34.26 min

    "Before glazing, the hazelnut should be really well-chilled so that it stays on the wooden stick and does not fall off during glazing."

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 10.11 min

    ''Warm up the Raffaello ball slightly with your hands to make it a little sticky. This will make it easier for the waffle to stick to it.''

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

  • 9.15 min

    ''To top it off, we'll cover our Roche with edible gold leaf to make it look like one from the box in the store.''

    Sandi Planinšek, pastry chef

About the author

Sandi Planinšek

Sandi Planinšek is a chef by education and a passionate pastry chef by heart.  His creation is intertwined with the profession of a chef, as he knows the properties of all ingredients, their advantages and disadvantages, so he knows exactly when, how and in what proportion to use the basic ingredients to make your desserts even better. The young and aspiring pâtissier is full of tricks, secrets and practical examples of modern dessert preparation.

"I like to make desserts in the shape of fruit. Of all the desserts I’ve created or tried so far, I like the hazelnut the most. Technically the most demanding, but the visual image differs from the others."

User reviews

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“Practice makes perfect”

Rating was given by Janice O., 12.04.2021

Now I too have a beautiful mono-portion dessert to show off. It’s true, practice makes perfect! Thanks for all the tips.

Online education recommended to friends..

Rating was given by , 11.04.2021

Online education recommended to friends..

“Up-to date and interesting topics”

Rating was given by Samantha G., 11.04.2021

Excellent topics. I'm glad I had the chance to try my hand at making desserts that are a little bit different.

Online education recommended to friends..

“Easy to make and with simple ingredients”

Rating was given by Dorothy Z., 07.04.2021

The presented mono-portion cakes are easy, but rather time-consuming to make because the filling has to cool, which is completely understandable. And the suspense builds up even more. It's great!

Online education recommended to friends..

“It’s something special!”

Rating was given by Kate R., 06.04.2021

The selection of mono-portion desserts was very interesting, they were well presented and the utensils used are accessible.

Online education recommended to friends..

“All that was left was an empty plate”

Rating was given by Jeremy S., 06.04.2021

I made Raffaelo and Ferrero Rocher for my family. In the end, there wasn’t a single crumb left, they would have eaten the plate if they could. They can’t wait for the fruit-shaped mono-portion cakes, and neither can I. Excellent courses!

Online education recommended to friends..

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