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  • Frosting and glazing cakes
  • Dessert decoration tips and tricks
  • Dressing desserts in sugar paste
  • Advanced dessert decoration tips and tricks
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Making a decorative figurine – Elsa (Frozen)
  • Modern techniques in making desserts
  • Various methods for making sponge cakes
  • Various flavor and texture combinations
  • Decorating cakepops
  • Correct chocolate tempering
  • Making desserts in glasses – tips and tricks

364,90 USD

116,90 USD

Who are the master pâtissiers?

BAM Academy brings together master pastry chefs, experts in modern techniques for preparing desserts, decoration and other themes of pâtisserie. Sandi Planinšek prefers to create desserts shaped as fruit, Eva Klinc excels in making amazing bust cakes, and together with Kimi Zupančič they will take your creations to the level of boutique pastry shops. They all have something in common. They share the joy of imparting their skills, tips and tricks. They will be happy to share them in the BAM Pâtisserie Academy online course.

Why take an online pâtisserie course package?

You can learn from various master pastry chefs, allowing you to discover and upgrade the most hidden points of your creative talent. In the basics of pâtisserie, Sandi Planinšek will introduce you to the main and basic ingredients essential for making great desserts. He will explain their properties to you, show them in different structures and explain how to use them to make your next dessert a guaranteed success. He will also share his knowledge in the online course on mono-portion cakes or fruit-shaped cakes. You will continue with Eva Klinc,who will introduce you to cake decorating techniques and take you on a journey through the world of fondant and chocolate glazes and reveal the tricks that will make your cakes and other desserts look stunning. Kimi Zupančič will introduce you to increasingly trendy cakepops and popsicles and show you how to make a magic chocolate ball. Your pâtisserie skills will be upgraded, and you will reinforce your newly acquired knowledge with practical examples or BAM pâtisserie challenges, which the masters prepared at the end of each part of online course. If you encounter an obstacle in the challenge, you have the option of asking questions that each of the pâtisserie artists will be happy to answer.

“My belief is that to succeed, perseverance and practice are more important than talent alone.”

Eva Klinc, cake decorator

Online pâtisserie course package

  • Presentation video
  • Any pâtissier needs to be well-versed in the basics, regardless of whether you are creating desserts only at home and for your loved ones, or you have already taken your home creations one step further. By sharing the basics of pâtisserie, Sandi will walk you through the course ranging from the properties of the basic ingredients to the recipe for a delicious chocolate cake.

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  • She learned about decorating cakes from all possible sources. Through online courses, literature that was available on the Internet, online schools, etc. She fell in love with learning, with the purpose of imparting knowledge, her greatest mission has become imparting knowledge to all eager to learn. In this course, she will share with you all the acquired knowledge, the most well-guarded tricks and tips that will simplify your dessert preparation and then stay in your digital drawer for you to use at any time. Check out the online course content Eva has prepared for you. In each section, you will find a short summary of online course to make the content even easier to imagine.

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  • The increasingly popular cakes on a stick are suitable for any occasion. Lately, they have even been overshadowing or even replacing the traditional cakes at birthday celebrations. Kimi, who also runs pâtisserie workshops, as she likes to share her knowledge and experience with others, has prepared a short online course in cooperation with the BAM Pâtisserie Academy, where she will share recipes and tips for the best cakes on a stick. She will introduce you to combinations of different flavors, and together you will master the basics of shaping the perfect balls for cake pops.

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  • A chocolate ball with a surprise in the middle is an adult version of the Kinder egg. Kimi will show you how to make the perfect chocolate ball. The first part of free online course takes you through two different methods for tempering chocolate correctly, as this is crucial to making the chocolate ball look its best. In the online course, she will alert you to possible mistakes, allowing you to master the process of making the ball as soon as possible. She will also share recipes with you and dare you to participate in the BAM pâtisserie challenge.

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  • Mono-portion cakes are desserts where creativity and imagination know no bounds. Limitless play with shapes, flavors and, last but not least, preparation techniques can conjure up a basket full of pears that are sure to leave your friends spellbound. Who says a cake should just be round? Sandi will take you through the preparation of mono-portion cakes in the shape of fruit and mono-portion desserts such as Raffaello and Roche. He will share the secrets of making smooth fillings, juicy purees and shiny glazes. He will also reveal some tricks to help you prepare mono-portion cakes without the need for a large number of different utensils. The end result, however, will nevertheless be stunning. 

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  • The e-book contains a total of 51 recipes, including recipes for Linzer cookies, famous American cookies, desserts in a glass and other baked goods such as the Pohorje omelet, the Bee Sting Cake, Grandpa’s Mustache and many more. Say goodbye to stressful preparation for celebrations. Let the fun begin.

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  • The e-book contains 50 different cake recipes. Fruit lovers will be thrilled by the fruit cake recipes, while chocoholics can indulge in intense chocolate recipes for cakes like the Sacher Cake. Say goodbye to stressful preparation for celebrations. Let the fun begin.

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“All in one place.”

Rating was given by Sebastian S., 15.04.2021

The package covers basic and advanced pastry making techniques, and for the icing on the cake, you also learn about some popular modern desserts.

Online education recommended to friends..

“One purchase”

Rating was given by Karen T., 14.04.2021

I am very happy that I can purchase all the courses with just one click.

“A terrific purchase”

Rating was given by Mary B., 13.04.2021

It's a great idea that you can buy all the courses at once and save time on deciding which one to buy first.

Online education recommended to friends..

“We've already had half of the desserts.”

Rating was given by Gabe S., 13.04.2021

The online pâtisserie course package is a great gift idea. I gave it to my niece as a gift and she was beyond excited.

Online education recommended to friends..

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116,90 USD

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