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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you see "30-day guarantee" next to an online course, it means that if you are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase and payment, we will refund your payment.
To purchase, click on the "Join" button next to the online course of your choice. This takes you to the shopping cart where you will be guided through the process by a step-by-step guide. Please enter your email address and password carefully, as you will need them to log in to your account later. You can find the purchased content in your BAM Pastry Academy profile. You can register HERE.
No, both e-books are only available in digital format in English.
The term of education is not specified. Leased online education can be viewed in the user profile when you want and how many times you want.

You can find the "Earn 5 EUR" tab in your user profile. All you have to do is share your great user experience with your friends. When your friends register with your activation code, they receive a 5 EUR credit, while you warn 5 EUR for each purchase they make. You can track your credit value in your BAM wallet and use it to purchase your next online education.

You will receive a link and instructions for activating your user account by mail. You can access the selected web content by correctly entering the email and password that you used for the purchase, and by correctly entering the activation code. The content is located in your profile, under the section "My online courses".  
Yes, after completing all the challenges, you will receive a certificate or a diploma. You will receive a pâtissier’s certificate once all the challenges are marked as completed. The certificate marks the completion of the purchased online content.

The content remains unlocked at all times and access will not be denied. You can access the content at any time, as it does not depend on how many times you have downloaded it and does not have an expiration date. :) 

For each BAM pâtisserie challenge, you can only add one photo or one video to the "Your Masterpieces" tab. If you want to share more photos, you can make a video with photos and share it with us.

You can see your submitted masterpieces in the user profile under the lesson of the purchased content where the masterpiece was submitted. By clicking on the "Your Masterpieces" tab, you can access the photo gallery. 

The content will appear when the payment is processed on our end. Payments are processed daily until 3 p.m. If you pay with your credit card or PayPal, the content will appear immediately. In this case, you can start immediately after placing the order.

Each BAM pâtisserie challenge is related to its corresponding lesson. Their content depends on the complexity of the challenge, which means that they do not all have the same instructions or structure. In some cases, it is important to make the final product using the exact amount of ingredients, in others, following the process closely is more important. The challenges are also tailored to your newly acquired knowledge. Remember, you can go through the content multiple times. This may help you successfully complete the challenge.

The start is not tied to a specific time, you can go through the content at your own pace and rewatch the courses as many times as you want. If you cannot watch course at once and in full, you can easily stop and resume at your convenience.

Since the Online Academy’s main purpose is to teach you new skills, we have prepared a Q&A tab for each lesson of the purchased content. You can find the tab in the user profile under each lesson. There you can ask your question(s), and we will do our best to provide answers as soon as possible. We will post our answer in the Q&A tab as well.

No, the courses as a whole and the corresponding lessons are only available as a whole. The content and the courses are organized in order. The content of the previous lesson is related to the next lesson. It’s like a series. :) 

You can see the ingredients and utensils you need for each lesson directly in your user profile. They are listed on the "Utensils” tab. In addition to the content, each lesson also contains BAM pâtisserie challenges. Ingredients and utensils vary depending on the lesson and challenge, so be sure to check the which utensils you need before starting each part of the lesson. 

Yes, the online content of the BAM Pâtisserie Academy is divided into different lessons, but they are all still related to the topic. The different lessons are listed in the field where you can view the purchased content.

The duration of the courses depends on the topic of the purchased content. Some are shorter, while more challenging ones are, of course, longer. The duration of each chapter is written next to it, in the field where you can view the content of the selected lesson. By clicking on an individual lesson, additional text will open, including the lesson duration.

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