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Snickers in a Glass

  • Preparation time:

    1 ura 15 minut
  • Complexity:

  • Number of integredients:


When there is no time to bake a cake, there is always time for a dessert in a glass – they do not require special effort and decoration to look divine. These contain a fluffy milk chocolate mousse, Oreo crumbs, caramel, peanuts and a featherlight mascarpo- ne filling. For me, the caramel must be salted, but you can omit the salt in the recipe if you wish. If we don't have time to prepare the caramel, store-bought caramel topping will work just fine.

When there is no time to prepare the cake, you can prepare other desserts in a glass:

Makes: 4 glasses (300 ml each).

  • Ingredients for caramel

    • 150 g granulated sugar
    • 10 ml water
    • 20 g butter
    • 200 g whipping cream
    • a pinch of salt
    • unsalted peanuts
    • 8 tablespoons Oreo crumbs (cookie pieces, not powder)
  • Ingredients for chocolate filling

    • 150 g BAM milk chocolate drops
    • 300 g whipping cream
  • Ingredients for vanilla mascarpone filling

    • 120 g mascarpone cheese
    • 150 g whipping cream
    • 3 pumps BAM vanilla paste
    • 30 g powdered sugar
  • Preparation

    • First prepare the caramel. Pour sugar in a saucepan or pan, add water and heat on medium heat until the sugar melts and gets a characteristic caramel color. Meanwhile, heat the whipping cream. Add butter to the melted sugar, set aside and add the cream. Cook on a low heat, stirring constantly, to get a smooth caramel sauce. Add salt, pour into a glass and chill.
    • Whip the whipping cream and refrigerate. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, cool to lukewarm and stir in the whipping cream with a spatula in two stages.
    • For the mascarpone filling, whip the cream until medium soft peaks form. Combine mascarpone cheese with vanilla and sugar and stir until smooth, then add the whipped cream with a spatula.
    • First, pour one tablespoon of Oreo crumbs into each glass and pipe half of the chocolate filling. Spread half of the caramel over the chocolate filling and sprinkle with peanuts. Add the chocolate filling and afterwards pour another tablespoon of Oreo crumbs and the mascarpone filling, then spread the remaining caramel over the top and sprinkle with peanuts. Cool and serve.

About the author

Urška Jerman

Urška Jerman, who creates under the name Cake O'Clock, has been accompanied and inspired by desserts since she was a child. I was inspired to make them by my mother – I would always observe with fascination while she was preparing food, thrilled whenever I got to participate in the process. My father would show his support by enthusiastically tasting what I made and buying children’s cookbooks that he has kept with great care to this day. These books led me to making a mess in the kitchen on my own, an endeavor that has, over the years, become my career that I love and enjoy.

"Hoping that you and your loved ones will enjoy the recipes, I wish you a successful and fun baking!"

Urška Jerman, pâtissier